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In business since 2008, ECC Media Pro is a full-service digital design agency. Based out of South Carolina, we have nearly 20 years of industry experience and offer an array of services. In addition to our diverse skillset, we have built high rapports with our clients based on our consistent, quality services and reliable team of experts. Here at ECC, we utilize our extensive industry knowledge and background to fuel our clients’ business edvevours and look forward to meeting and exceeding the expectations of you and your organization. Please contact us to learn more about our company and federal contracting abilities.


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• Graphic Design
• Logo Design
• Printed Marketing Materials
• Banner Design
• Bookmarks
• Book Cover Design
• Brochure Design
• Business Card Design
• Flyer Design
• Letterhead Design
• Web Development
• Web Design
• Print Design
• Promotional Products


Branding Services

Your company’s identity helps your potential clients find you and separates you from .your competitors. Information about branding can be found on www.wordstream.com

1. Distinguish your business from competitors

With the myriad of companies delivering similar services or products, standing out can be challenging. That’s where branding comes in. Your values, story, brand promise, and other assets provide avenues through which you can showcase your uniqueness. Leveraging on these to create a point of difference could set you apart from your competitors.


2. Become more recognizable

Another benefit of investing in a consistent branding effort is to make your brand more memorable. When customers can identify your company based on physical, visual, auditory elements, it breeds familiarity. This fosters trust, which 81% of customers rely on to make a buying decision.


3. Build customer loyalty

Your brand personality, just like that of an individual’s, is a combination of qualities that your organization exhibits. Ideally, these characteristics will attract people to your company and shape their perceptions. Therefore, a personality that resonates with your customers could help you build an emotional connection and stand out from competitors.


4. Be consistent

According to MarketingNutz, it takes up to 5-7 brand impressions before an individual can recall your brand. From the website to social media channels and offline interactions with customers, branding must be consistent. Create brand guidelines to reinforce cohesiveness.


Brand Cost

Most agencies charge anywhere from $150–$300 per hour for creative and strategic services. This should include ideation for your company name, tag line, brand positioning, brand story, and messaging. The range is typically $1,000 to $5,000 for these services.


Copyright and Trademarking

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship as soon as an author fixes the work in a tangible form of expression. In copyright law, there are a lot of different types of works, including paintings, photographs, illustrations, musical compositions, sound recordings, etc.


Website Services

A website allows everyone, at any time to understand your products and services. It is ALWAYS representing you.

Products - ecommerce

E-commerce and Online Selling

E-commerce business is a business model where the buying and selling of goods or services is done over the internet.

Popular e-commerce sites: Amazon, Walmart, Ebay 

Self-Created sites

Popular Do it yourself Website Platforms

With the sophistication of technology there are a numerous amount of website building products on the market. 

Wix, Shopify, Godaddy, and Web.com all offer do it yourself website solutions.

website design

Website Costs & SEO

The whole reason for a website is to attract visitors and convert them into customers.  The problem that most businesses have is that their website is lost in a sea of other sites, not likely to be seen, with nothing to make it stand out.